Walk By Faith

My greatest joy comes when I receive a message of thanks from someone whom I’ve talked to or worked with to let me know the impact it made on their life. I know that at the end of my life, the most important words I’ll hear will be when I see my heavenlyFather and He says, “Well Done, good and faithful servant."

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The FaithInspiration Project presents 32 compelling stories that will inspire you to do more for God and Live Your Faith Out Loud! Liz and other project partners are not just saying they love God, but have translated their love for Him into platforms, projects and efforts outside the walls of the church. They are setting an example of loving God and loving people actively, everyday, uncompromisingly.

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Liz Hoop

Liz Hoop is an international best-selling author, speaker, communal leader, and tenured liaison hospice liaison. Having served many years at an executive level in the areas of marketing and management, Liz is a philanthropist who serves on the board of directors for the Mental Health Association of South Mississippi, Special Needs Organization of South Mississippi, Anchored Hearts Community Resources, Adopt A Grandparent Day, and Teen Challenge for Women in Mississippi. She also serves within the local faith-based community as co-leader of a single women’s life group and a leader of the women’s ministry at The Springs in Hurley, Mississippi. Liz is intentional in creating a life of service. When she not out volunteering throughout her local community, she enjoys serving others and spending time with loved ones and close friends.

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I started an LLC, Hoop Cares, which serves as a site for my health and wellness business and as a women’s ministry.

— Liz Hoop


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