Saved To Save Others

As we sat in my car, two men crept up on the passenger side of the car and began firing into the car. The only way that I have been able to describe what happened next is to say that God stepped out of Heaven, pulled me out of the car and pushed me down the street. It was as if I blacked out because I don’t have any recollection of opening the car door. However, I do remember that when there was some distance between the threat and safety, I became fully aware.

My mom went back to the house approximately two weeks later. She merely wanted to thank the man and woman who had helped me that night, but she didn’t have their names. After my mom gave the lady who answered the door the detailed descriptions that I had given her of the man and woman, she told my mom that no one by those descriptions had ever lived there. I know. I know. Take a deep breath. Yep, God had dispatched angels to save me that night.

People aren’t impressed with titles and how many scriptures we know. Titles don’t save. Titles don’t deliver. Titles don’t heal. Jesus does, and He uses people who know who they are, who He is, and people who know how to effectively share Him with those in the marketplace. People, are, however impacted by the way we treat them and how we humanize this Jesus whom we love so much!

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The FaithInspiration Project presents 32 compelling stories that will inspire you to do more for God and Live Your Faith Out Loud! Nicole and other project partners are not just saying they love God, but have translated their love for Him into platforms, projects and efforts outside the walls of the church. They are setting an example of loving God and loving people actively, everyday, uncompromisingly.

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Elder Nicole S. Mason, Esquire

Nicole Mason is a leader in both the ministry and the marketplace. She is intentional on living by example. She started in ministry 19 years ago with a newsletter and approximately 125 women in her home church. Her audience quickly swelled to more than 2,500 women all over the country, including women who were incarcerated.

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I am living my faith out loud by being a light where there is darkness, encouragement where there is hopelessness, and empowerment where there is no power.

Elder Nicole S. Mason, Esquire


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